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US NYSE:NKE (168.5B)

-0.78 (-0.59%)
9:32am EST
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Current Price: $133.46
52w High/Low: $62.51 - 135.54
Market Cap: 168.5B
Price/Earnings: 79.44
Dividend Yield: 0.55%
Volume/Average: 3.5M - 5.2M
NIKE (NYSE:NKE) Company Logo
NIKE (NYSE:NKE) Company Logo

Annual Reports

NIKE (NKE) 10-K Annual Report Jul 24th 2020
NIKE (NKE) 10-K Annual Report Jul 23rd 2019
NIKE (NKE) 10-K Annual Report Jul 25th 2018
NIKE (NKE) 10-K Annual Report Jul 20th 2017
NIKE (NKE) 10-K Annual Report Jul 21st 2016

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