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Tesla (TSLA)


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Current Price: $585.76
52w High/Low: $66.07 - 585.76
Market Cap: 555.2B
Price/Earnings: 1,116.58
Dividend Yield: -
Volume/Average: 2M - 35.6M
Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Company Logo

Listed in 2010

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Company Logo

Annual Reports

Tesla (TSLA) 10-K Annual Report Apr 28th 2020
Tesla (TSLA) 10-K Annual Report Feb 13th 2020
Tesla (TSLA) 10-K Annual Report Feb 19th 2019
Tesla (TSLA) 10-K Annual Report Feb 23rd 2018
Tesla (TSLA) 10-K Annual Report Mar 1st 2017

Dividend History

No dividends found.

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