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The StockLight app for iOS and Android is the investment for your investments.

StockLight premium is an optional monthly subscription which unlocks ongoing push notifications, market filters, quantitative analysis, insider transactions and full annualised portfolio analysis.

The free (default) version of StockLight also allows you to track your portfolio and perform research on stocks manually at no cost. The premium subscription is typically taken out by those looking to improve their investing advantage and also by more advanced investors with bigger portfolios who find ongoing value in the subscription and the market pulse it provides to them.

StockLight premium is available for $13.99 AUD per month and is billed as a recurring subscription from iTunes and Google Play. That's less than the cost of a single trade and depending on your circumstances, it's also likely to be a tax deductible expense.

You can download StockLight from the App Store or Google Play:
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StockLight Premium ($13.99 per month*) compared to StockLight Free

StockLight costs us a lot of money to produce; engineering, customer service, licensing, server hosting and data costs are all significantly expensive.

As much as we'd like to, we can't always afford to give everything in the app away for free. That said, we still think the free component of StockLight makes it the best free stocks app in the world.

Here's a run-down of the StockLight Premium features compared to the free features:

  • The latest market sensitive announcement alerts for your stocks sent to you as notifications
  • Portfolio ROI and annualised return analysis (this is free for portfolios worth less than $150K)
  • No advertisements
  • Quantitive analysis of key ratios with industry specific threseholds
  • Advanced market filters to sort by biggest movers, price/earnings, dividend yield, ratios, industry, and market cap
  • Insider transaction search with holding %, market cap and buy/sell filters
  • Price, Volume, Dividend and stock data alerts
  • 5 free Alerts per month (optionally delivered by push notification and/or email)
  • The basics: stock price, P/E, yield, market cap, etc.
  • Stock research screens: price charts, dividend history, annual reports, company research and market sensitive releases
  • Market news
  • Portfolio ROI for an individual stock (but not for your whole portfolio)
  • Advertisements will be shown in the app content

* Subscription price varies depending on the currency and geography of your app store.

Removing Ads ($9.99 per year *)

StockLight serves advertisements to non-premium users. These ads can be disabled in the app with a $9.99 payment which removes them for one year. Removing ads from the app does not enable the premium content described above.

* Purchase price varies depending on the currency and geography of your app store.

About StockLight

Unlike a typical financial industry participant, StockLight makes no commission off your trades or portfolio. Because of this, we are able to focus on providing you with tooling that you otherwise wouldn't have access to.

Invest with confidence knowing you are setting up a future for your family. Don't be caught out by unexpected financial events.

Investing with confidence is so important because we spend almost a quarter of our life living off those investments when we retire.

That means, besides our jobs and our families, our investing probably has the biggest impact on our quality of life. The number of daily problems that go away when you're safely invested is astounding, but that only happens if you actually do something to improve your process.

If you just keep doing things the same way, you'll keep getting the same disappointing results. And don't you deserve better?

StockLight is one of the most advanced retail investing research and portfolio platforms on the planet. From the way our artificial intelligence segments and prioritises financial events to identify important market news for you all the way through to how we deliver it in a bespoke native application directly to your phone or tablet, we work hard to invent processes that will give you the edge - literally from start to finish.

No investing tool is more carefully engineered.

Our unique market filtering and portfolio tracking tools empower you to find investing opportunities and track your performance.

Once you've signed up to StockLight Premium, you'll also get instant access to all areas of the app including a customised News Feed, Insider Transactions, Market Filters, Quantitative analysis, Full portfolio analysis, Dividend History, Advertisement removal and more.

How investors use StockLight Premium:

"I like researching dividend paying stocks using the market filter. I select the dividend filter and choose 'all' for the sector along with a large minimum market cap and then drill down to investigate the dividend history for companies I recognise"
- Geoff Lundry

"I find the annualised ROI and full history of dividends to be the primary benefit"
- Survey Feedback

"I use StockLight to monitor Insider Transactions on the market"
- Survey Feedback

"I use StockLight to keep track of my net worth"
- Survey Feedback

"I like receiving push notifications notifying me of company announcements for businesses in my watchlists. It helps me to stay ahead of the pack for the companies I follow"
- Jason Kotchoff