Profit and loss in your portfolio

June 27th, 2017 - submitted by StockLight team

StockLight now shows a fully personalised profit and loss analysis of your portfolio. We also added support for multiple watchlists.

Based on user feedback, we introduced an easy way to enter the purchase price and date of your holdings so that StockLight can calculate an estimated return on your investments.

Your holdings screen will also show dividends that were issued and an annualised return based on the holding periods entered for your stocks.

The opportunity cost associated with your holding period is a very important concept when investing and that is why you need to know how your investments are doing on an annualised basis.

Unlike your broker who is typically incentivised to make you trade more often and has no reason to show you an annualised return, StockLight acts in your best interest and won't hide this crucial benchmark from you.

Click here to learn more about your annualised return and why it is important.

For those of us tracking lots of companies, we also made it easy to create multiple watchlists. Just tap 'Edit' next to your list of stocks on the home screen to manage extra watchlists and adjust your holdings.