Intelligent Investor bookshelf

April 8th, 2014 - submitted by the StockLight team

Over the past week, we have been profiling the super educational Intelligent Investor bookshelf on both Twitter and Facebook.

Here are the high res photos of the whole shelf in all it's glory. Enjoy!


Day 1. including The Snowball, such a classic!
Bookshelf Day 1


Day 2. Master CEO's, very insightful read.
Bookshelf Day 2


Day 3. The seminal texts from Graham and the interesting Crash Proof 2.0.
Bookshelf day 3


Day 4. Including the controversial confessions of an economic hit man.
Bookshelf day 4


Day 5. Featuring some Jared Diamond and Graham's masterpiece of Security Analysis.
Bookshelf day 5


Classification system:
Intelligent Investor bookshelf classification system