StockLight is an app available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

The features below describe how to use StockLight at the time of writing in June, 2017 however we are continually upgrading the app so this list may not include all of the latest goodies. Note that these screenshots show how StockLight works on an iPhone. This functionality is almost identical on an Android phone. On an iPad or Android tablet, the functionality remains similar however the interfaces are more full-featured and powerful.

We are always prototyping new features in our StockLight labs so to keep up to date, make sure to follow us on @_StockLight and like us on facebook.com/stocklight

Push notifications and News Feed

The StockLight News Feed groups all the news for stocks in your watchlist into one place.

You can access it by tapping the menu icon at the top left and then selecting the 'News Feed' item.

It includes price sensitive announcements issued to the ASX, 'insider' director trades, research articles and dividends.

When an announcement or research update is issued for a stock in your watchlist, you will receive a push notification to your device to notify you of the update in your news feed.

Receive a push notification for Price Sensitive announcements, recommendation changes and dividends for your stocks

If you have multiple watchlists configured, your device will receive push notifications from all the stocks you track in all your watchlist and they will be shown on your home screen.

* Note: the News Feed is a paid feature of StockLight.

Configuring your watchlist

You can easily add and remove stocks from your StockLight watchlist:

Editing your stocks in StockLight

Return on Investment - Profit & Loss

When you add holdings to your portfolio with purchase lots and buy dates, StockLight will automatically calculate a personalised return on investment (ROI) based on the current market value of your holdings factoring dividends issued and brokerage.

Editing your stocks in StockLight

You can also view the performance of your holdings for a single stock:

Viewing performance for a single stock

Researching a stock

When tapping a stock to view it in more detail, StockLight presents an all-in-one stock summary with individual sections that can be tapped for more detail:

Viewing a stock in StockLight

  • Screen 1: Stock overview
    View all the key information about a company in one place with options to drill down for further detail.

    This screen contains an adjustable price chart, key financial stats, a short company description and an extract of dividend and quantitative analysis charts. Scroll down further to find research articles, company announcements, insider transactions and video analysis.

  • Screen 2: Company information
    View the current market cap, exchange, industry, listing date and principal activities of the currently selected company and visit a link to the company website.
  • Screen 3: Dividends
    The dividend list shows the historical dividends for the business and also includes a yield based on the total issues dividend from the previous financial year and the current share price. This screen can be rotated sideways for a full screen chart.

  • Screen 4: Quantitative analysis
    The StockLight quant gauge gives a quick visual summary of how many ratios have indicated a green light for the currently selected stock.

    Each ratio is customised with thresholds specific to the industry of the stock whereby for instance, the dividend yield for a bank would be considered to be more important than say, the dividend yield for a mining company.

    * Note: the StockLight & ratios are a paid feature of StockLight.

Running market filters

StockLight can sort the ASX by price earnings ratio, dividend yield, market cap, industry, upcoming dividends and StockLight quantitative ratios.

You can access these filters by tapping the Market Filter menu icon in the bottom tab bar.

Sort the ASX using StockLights market filters

  • Screen 1: Sort by StockLight ratios
    In this case, the ASX has been sorted to show companies in the health care industry sector with a minimum market capitalisation of five million dollars ranked in order of quantitative value according to StockLight proprietary ratio system.

    The StockLight ratios and associated thresholds have been carefully selected by an expert stock analyst. Unlike many other quantative systems, the StockLight machine intelligence is adjusted on an industry by industry basis so for example, the rigueur applied to the dividend yield of a bank will be more stringent than say, the requirement for a dividend yield in an exploratory miner.

  • Screen 2: Sort by price earning ratio
    Sorting the market by PER gives you control over finding companies that may be trading at a cheap valuation. The Price / Earnings multiple can be useful in comparing companies across a similar sector.
  • Screen 3: Sort by Dividend yield
    Using the dividend yield sort will help with uncovering dividend paying stocks that might be suitable for an income investor. The yield is calculated by dividing the total issued dividend from the previous financial year by the stocks current share price.
  • Screen 4: Upcoming dividends
    Upcoming dividends shows you which companies have announced future dividends and lets you sort them by the ex-dividend date, payment date, company name or dividend yield.

Multiple Watchlists

With StockLight, you can easily edit your stocks into multiple watchlists by tapping the 'Edit' button above your stocks list on the home screen. From here, you can easily add/rename/delete watchlists to organise your holdings. When you create a new watchlist, it will initially be empty. Any stocks you save will be added to the currently selected watchlist.

Arrange your holdings into multiple watchlists

Free versus paid features

Read more about StockLight premium on our Pricing page

StockLight costs us a lot of money to produce; engineering, customer service, licensing, server hosting and data costs are all significantly expensive.

As much as we'd like to, we can't always afford to give everything in the app away for free. That said, we still think the free component of StockLight makes it the best free stocks app in the world.

Here's a run-down of the StockLight Premium features compared to the free features:

  • The latest market sensitive announcement alerts for your stocks sent to you as notifications
  • Portfolio ROI and annualised return analysis (this is free for portfolios worth less than $150K)
  • No advertisements
  • Quantitive analysis of key ratios with industry specific threseholds
  • Advanced market filters to sort by biggest movers, price/earnings, dividend yield, ratios, industry, and market cap
  • Insider transaction search with holding %, market cap and buy/sell filters
  • Price, Volume, Dividend and stock data alerts
  • 5 free Alerts per month (optionally delivered by push notification and/or email)
  • The basics: stock price, P/E, yield, market cap, etc.
  • Stock research screens: price charts, dividend history, annual reports, company research and market sensitive releases
  • Market news
  • Portfolio ROI for an individual stock (but not for your whole portfolio)
  • Advertisements will be shown in the app content