What is StockLight?

StockLight helps investors comb the market to find investment opportunities using a series of fundamental value investing ratios. StockLight is not a 'stock picking' tool, it flags companies that look attractive and provides links to deeper analysis to help you evaluate whether or not these stocks are worth buying (or selling).

How do I synchronise my paid StockLight Premium subscription across iOS devices?

On each device for which you have installed StockLight, follow these instructions:

  1. Tap 'Settings'
  2. Tap 'Subscriptions'
  3. Tap 'Retrieve your subscriptions'
* Note: If you have a paid StockLight premium account on an iPhone or iPad, you can use that premium subscription for free on multiple devices using these instructions so long as each device is logged into the same iTune account.

How do I synchronise my portfolio and watchlist across devices?

On each device for which you have installed StockLight, follow these instructions:

  1. Tap 'Settings'
  2. Tap 'Anonymous Account'
  3. Enter your email address
  4. When a confirmation email arrives, open the confirmation link
  5. Go back to StockLight and press the green 'Continue' button on the signup screen
* In order for StockLight to synchronise your devices, you must use the same email address in step 3 for each of your devices

After you have followed these instructions, when you first open StockLight on a device, it will check for updates from the server and 'synchronise' your portfolio across from other devices


I forgot my password?

StockLight doesn't actually use any passwords for itself. All of our member functionality is linked to your email address so that when you provide your email to StockLight, we can send you a verification link. Refer to the above heading for syncing your portfolio.

That said, if you have a paid StockLight subscription, the account that logs in to apply the paid subscription is provided by either Apple's iTunes app or by Google's Play app.
* Note: If you have a paid StockLight premium account, you should be able to determine the email address associated with your iTunes or Google Play by finding an emailed receipt for your StockLight subscription in one of your email inboxes and then using the following instructions for that email address.

If you have forgotten the password for iTunes, try:
iTunes Password reset instructions

If you have forgotten the password for Google Play, try:
Google reset instructions

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you are looking to pause or cancel your subscription, we are really sorry to hear that our app didn't live up to your expectations. We'd love to learn more about what made you use it in the first place and also why it wasn't quite what you were looking for as that feedback will help a lot with guiding our future product development. You can email us your feedback at:

Apple iTunes and Google Play won't allow us to cancel a subscription on your behalf however you can easily do so yourself following these instructions:
Cancelling an Apple iTunes recurring subscription
Cancelling a Google Play recurring subscription

Does StockLight provide access to company dividend information?

Yes, you can access this information by tapping a company in your watchlist, you can then swipe scroll down to find the company's dividend history. You can then tap on that dividend panel for more detail. You can also access this information for all companies paying dividends in the weeks and months ahead using the dividends feature located in the market filter screen. This feature allows you to sort by payment date, ex-dividend date, dividend yield and company name.

How does the StockLight indicator work?

The StockLight tachometer provides an instant summary of a company's financial health and prospects as a potential investment

Tapping the StockLight tachometer will drill down to the ratios for a company. These are given a green tick if they look attractive, a red tick if they look unattractive and a yellow marker if there is not enough data available to calculate the indicator.

How do I use the Market Filter?

The Market Filter give investors a picture of the 22 industries that make up the ASX market (based on global GICS codes) from best to worst. For example someone interested in the banking sector can see which companies pass the most green flags at the top of the list down to those that attracted the most red flags. The ratio thresholds are customised and unique for each market sector.

Does StockLight provide detailed company data?

By tapping a company in your watchlist or in the Market Filter, you can drill down to find our latest research on that company, price charts, dividend history and a company overview.

Where can I get support?

If you need help using the application, please email our friendly team at

How much does it cost?

StockLight's basic features are free and it is available to download exclusively through the App Store and Google Play in the Finance category. The app includes a range of free valuable information on Health Care companies and up to 5 default for free. Users can also unlock additional content or remove advertisements by taking up a StockLight subscription.

What are the current device requirements?

iOS users: Android users: All users: