Advertise on StockLight


Unlike a typical financial industry participant, StockLight makes no commission on user’s trades or portfolio management. Instead, StockLight generates revenues through software services (such as research tools) and online advertising which is served to non-subscribers.

StockLight’s main point of difference is it’s unique market research tools. Unlike trading apps, where users buy and sell shares, the users of Stocklight are investors who are actively researching new investment opportunities.

Promote Your Product on StockLight

StockLight allocates the vast majority of its advertising inventory to Google’s Admob network where we estimate it is purchased between $15 and $80 cost per thousand impressions (CPM). StockLight offers direct sales of this same inventory at a reduced rate of between $10 and $40 CPM + GST.

Packaged Rates

StockLight offers packaged rates as follows:

1 Month Package (30 days)
  • 10,000 interstitials
  • 100,000 banners
  • 1 ad set/variation
  • $2,000 + GST
3 Month Package (90 days)
  • 30,000 interstitials
  • 300,000 banners
  • Up to 3 ad sets/variations
  • $5,000 + GST

Please contact for further information.

Standard Advertising Rates

StockLight offers three types of ad units:

  1. Interstitial pop ups
  2. Smart Banners
  3. Medium Rectangle (m-rec)
  4. Interstitials perform extremely well on mobile, and are triggered in high-intent areas of the app. All advertising must comply with StockLight’s Advertising Policy and is subject to approval. Direct sale campaigns have a minimum spend of $2K +GST.

    Banner/M-recs Interstitial
    CPM $10 + GST * $40 + GST *
    Example placements Static banners located in primary usage areas throughout the app. Research tools, annual reports, dividend reports, etc.

    * Indicative as of December 31st, 2018